Effective, intentional practice management.

Because no successful, profitable practice becomes that way by accident.

At some point (usually very early on) someone took responsibility for the infrastructure. Proverbially “keeping the doors open and the lights on,” beyond the doctor-patient clinical needs. But in today’s environment, smaller private practices are struggling to survive as their colleagues are getting absorbed by large health systems or medical groups.

Need help, but don’t know where to find some?

A practice administrator may seem like an unattainable luxury. It’s not. Far from it. Maybe you already have a staff member in place who simply needs to be set up for success. Maybe your practice can’t immediately recruit the right people with the right management fit. This is where Zymeda comes in.

Zymeda is your practice partner — we’re experienced in providing all aspects of practice administration on a consulting basis for a wide variety of medical specialties, including:

  • Operational processes
  • Billing and insurance
  • Medical practice staffing
  • Human resources
  • Managed care administration

What your practice needs to run smoothly and efficiently

We help our clients develop operational efficiency so they can focus on what they do best. 

(Hint: it’s usually not practice management).

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