Contract Performance Evaluation

Contract performance: affecting every aspect of your business. 

Contraction negotiation is hard. Really, Really Hard.

Understanding the nuances of payor contracts is critical. Maximizing the revenue from your various contracts is essential.

Let us begin with a wholistic practice assessment to answer these critical questions:

  • What are the pay rates of the existing contracts?
  • Where are the gaps in the current contracts?
  • Are the services being coded accurately?
  • Is the practice being paid properly?
  • Are your physicians eligible for performance payments?
  • What are the claim denial trends?

Are there opportunities for improvement or further contract negotiation?

Our philosophy is pretty straight-forward:

“Not a penny more and not a penny less.”

 Accepting any contract that comes through the door without strategy, scrutiny and negotiation can be detrimental to even the most successful practice.   

  • Contract selectivity – purposefully choose which lines of business contractually make the most sense with which payors
  • Strategic contract negotiations help our clients put their best foot forward with payors using powerful data trending to demonstrate key strengths or differentiate your practice from others.

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