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The year was 2012

And the entire healthcare industry looked around at each other and said, “Wait, what?”

So, we formed Zymeda — a comprehensive portfolio of practice management services. Or, in regular-people words, a team of experts that help doctors and practices.

We focus on working with independent physician offices and private group practices. We offer our clients a unique level of service, providing the “stuff that all the big guys enjoy.” What kind of stuff? Glad you asked…

Practice management and consulting to fit your needs

Independent practices are just that…independent. Our practice management and consulting services support the need for autonomy — we bring strategic solutions to the practice and engage physicians in the decision-making process. Zymeda’s engagement in practice management functions can be as limited or as expansive as necessary.

Practice billing made just right

Our roots as a billing company drive much of our client services today. From contracting and claim coding to capitation and collections, Zymeda provides high-power revenue cycle services that any practice can afford. We consider these services as an investment — leading to improved cash flow, profitability, patient satisfaction, and happy doctors.

Your practice is our business — so your problems are our problems

“Customer service” must be more than words. Words are easy. Want to know what’s better than words? Actions — specific actions that show you we’re invested. 

  • Rapid follow-up to operational issues
  • Solving contracting and billing delays
  • Aggressively in making sure our clients get paid
  • Strictly adhering to coding and reimbursement guidelines
  • Staking our entire reputation on what you just read

Getting results

Did you scroll down to get to this part? Understood.

Our firm has successfully helped lead our clients to improved stability of their practices and implementation of long-term growth strategies. Our clients’ success is our most important goal (duh), demonstrated by these recent accomplishments:

  • Assisting physicians in establishing and expanding new practices in various specialties.
  • Successfully recruiting additional providers to multiple practices, including the implementation of physician partnership tracks.
  • Completing capitation analyses and reconciliations to determine the value of capitation arrangements compared with fee-for-service revenue for multiple clients.
  • Stratifying patients by risk, closing gaps in care, and identifying areas for performance improvement
  • Partnering with providers to improve MIPS, RAF and P4P performance.
  • Assisting with the development and implementation of a chronic disease management program within a pediatric provider client.

And our personal favorite? Being told “We love working with you” on a (somewhat) daily basis. 

Certificate of Achievement

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