Meet Zymeda — the right mix for a healthy Business.

The medical practice consultants who bring relationships to the equation. 

Zymeda Provider Solutions formed in 2012, about four hours after tenderly convincing a provider not to quit her practice to “go dig ditches or wash dishes somewhere.” If you’ve ever felt that feeling, keep reading.  

We bring a comprehensive portfolio of analytics, revenue cycle and strategic consulting services to your organization. That might sound like a mouthful, but each of those words are the right words.

We offer the services — a buffet of services — to address financial and operational challenges facing healthcare organizations.

Pile on your favorite, or build a well-balanced plate:

Time to catch your breath

Zymeda is committed to positioning physician practices and their hospital partners for long-term success. We conduct business honestly and ethically, driven by the values of trust, fairness, respect, and accountability (again, the right words).

As a growing company, our firm offers clients a unique level of service — and access to our leadership team and industry experts. Our client partners include a broad range of practices and hospitals varying in size and specialty.

Tailored Solutions: leave the cookie cutters in the kitchen.  

Our  services are not “one size fits all.” From the independent practice looking to maximize an autonomous position, to a hospital-based group seeking to capitalize on opportunities, or a hospital seeking integration of analytics with strategy, every practice receives customized service. Zymeda’s participation within your business can be as limited or as expansive as you like.

We engage physicians and executives in the decision-making process and subsequent execution of strategic and operational initiatives. What remains consistent is our unwavering commitment to achieving goals using sound logic and data-driven analysis, in support of the long-term vision of the organization.

Revenue cycle: our roots as a billing company

Zymeda provides high-power revenue cycle services that any organization can afford (especially considering gains in improved cash flow, profitability and staff and patient satisfaction). Our collective experience in handling claims on the health plan and IPA payer side ensures a smooth transition and improved efficiencies for providers in all practice types and sizes.

Client service: our bread and butter (mmm...butter)

“Great customer service” is usually what you tout when you have nothing else to offer. But we can point to specifics: rapid follow-up to operational issues, taking responsibility of contracting and billing delays, making sure our clients get paid in a timely and accurately manner — all while strictly adhering to coding compliance and reimbursement guidelines. (Mic drop.)

"I couldn’t do what I do without Zymeda’s support and expertise. They allow me to focus on what I was trained to do (i.e. taking care of patients) without having to deal with the headaches of running a practice. I highly recommend them!"

- Board Certified Urologist – Riverside CA

Our consultants can help your practice stand out from the crowd.

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