Provider Selection and Onboarding

Provider selection and onboarding: the mission-critical decision

Have you entertained the idea of recruiting another provider, but stopped short because the process seems daunting and risky? You’re not alone. Or wrong.

Selecting the “right” provider to join your practice is equal parts exciting and stressful. With well-planned execution, the new addition can be a dream-come-true for your practice. When poorly planned, however, what started out as a promising expansion of your practice can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Right now, physician-practice “divorce rates” are high nationwide.

Yet it’s also getting harder and harder to recruit providers.

And a physician shortage is predicted over the next ten years. 

OK…time for some good news.

Zymeda can help put those worries to rest by acting as your practice concierge.

We know the stressors of being overworked, fielding patient complaints about accessibility, or the need for “quick” revenue growth. Our team has developed a strategic approach from beginning to end. First, we help practices identify the steps to make provider recruitment a successful long-term investment, including:

  • Evaluating candidates for your practice
  • Partnering with a local hospital or using a recruitment firm to aid in the search, if desired 
  • Coordination of the interview process from start to finish, including tailored interview questions
  • Using video web conferencing for out-of-town candidates
  • Financial projections and impact forecasting

Provider onboarding: you’re not done yet.

We’ve seen many practices breathe a sigh of relief after recruitment, and then go back to business as usual, assuming the new provider just “knows” what to do.

Make this assumption, and you’re not going to have a good time. Every new team member needs help acclimating. The practices with strong onboarding have a greater chance of success and longer-term provider commitment in the future.

Zymeda applies true diligence — from working with the legal and HR folks to create a sound contract, to helping providers get credentialed and oriented to the new role, we can cover this crucial step:

  • Drafting legally vetted, formal employment offers and letters of intent.
  • Developing a competitive salary and benefits package offer.
  • Coordinating credentialing of new provider between hospital(s) and payors and the practice.
  • Providing insight and analysis of income guarantees for newly selected providers.
  • Developing a “Welcome Kit,” including business cards, lab coat and prescription pads.
  • Recommending strategic and cost-effective marketing to help “get the word out” about new providers.
  • Establishing performance targets to help practice leadership track productivity and forecast for future needs.

If you just skipped all that, let us summarize — Zymeda can be your practice concierge. We can manage the entire recruitment process from beginning to end. And we’re damn good at it!

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