Liz Gamble: Zymeda

Liz Gamble

Position: Vice President, Program Development and Strategy

Personal Secret: With her extensive healthcare experience and brilliant use of analytics, Liz has helped Zymeda soar to new heights. We told her she could probably “fly like Superman,” so she tried it, and did.

With over 20 years of experience in healthcare, including 10 years as a consultant, Liz Gamble’s broad operational and strategic background in healthcare brings practical, problem-solving capability to the clients of Zymeda Provider Solutions. Ms. Gamble is particularly skilled at synthesizing data and identifying actionable strategic solutions based on her analysis. Her strategic planning experience includes work with multi-hospital systems, academic medical centers, community hospitals and physician groups.


  • Enjoys taking a complex issue faced by our clients, applying both creative and pragmatic solutions to the situation, and generating their roadmap for success. Really – she enjoys this.   
  • Served in a planning director role for a two-hospital health system with both employed and contractually aligned physician groups, working closely with senior management to develop new business initiatives in conjunction with the organization’s overall strategic plan.
  • Oversaw regional operations for registration, scheduling, and benefit verification as the director of access and admissions for the health system. In this role she led revenue cycle improvement initiatives targeting performance in the areas of referrals and authorizations, benefit verification, and collections.
  • Was director of managed care services for another integrated delivery system, responsible for implementing contracts and overseeing managed care operations within a 115-physician, 19-location multi-specialty clinic.
  • Holds a Master’s degree in health administration from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Spirit animal: The Wolf

My spirit animal is the wolf and, although I would not have predicted it, I think it fits. The description of a wolf as a spirit animal suggests a blend of instincts and intelligence. I am very analytical and routinely gather as much information as I can in making a decision. Despite this, I am not afraid to go with my gut if I think it’s necessary. A wolf also represents an awareness of social connections which is definitely an accurate representation as I tend to be the “organizer” of things among family and friends.

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