5 Insights into Private Practice Physicians

June 2, 2021

Private practice physicians continue to face constant threats of consolidation, a recent survey of 346 healthcare providers was conducted to collect their thoughts on a number of topics integral to their practice, according to the PatientPop 2020 Practice Growth Report.

Here are five insights from the report:

1. Approximately 72.7 percent of providers are satisfied with their level of success.

2. Providers identified six characteristics that were important to their success:

  • Delivering a top in-person patient experience: 67.2 percent
  • Communicating with patients digitally: 34.9 percent
  • Having strong online reviews: 30.5 percent
  • Ranking high in search results: 26.7 percent
  • Having a good website: 22.3 percent
  • Letting patients request appointments online: 20.8 percent

3. Providers who said patient reviews were important had four characteristics:

  • 29.9 percent were more likely to report strong revenues
  • 28.8 percent were more likely to report effective patient communication
  • 22.4 percent were more likely to report strong market visibility
  • 18.5 percent were more likely to report a strong office workflow

4. Twenty-five percent of providers do not take steps to address their online reputation.

5. Providers identified seven frustrations:

  • Managing insurance tasks: 48.7 percent
  • Collecting reimbursement/patient pay: 33.1 percent
  • No-shows and cancellations: 31.4 percent
  • Complying with regulations: 31.4 percent
  • EHR usability: 23.8 percent
  • Managing staff: 20.2 percent
  • Acquiring new patients: 15.3 percent

Read full report here: Physician Survey

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