Physicians: Banishing the Burnout

September 1, 2020

Physician resources for improved efficiency and a better quality of life

It would be no surprise to a doctor or practice administrator reading this to know that demands on today’s physicians are staggering. From increased expectations from patients and payors to significant regulations governing the scope of care a practice must provide, it’s no wonder why physician burnout is at an all-time high. In fact, in its 2020 Lifestyle Report, Medscape, a leading physician resource, listed the top 5 causes of physician burnout as:

  1. Too many bureaucratic tasks
  2. Spending too many hours at work
  3. Lack of respect from administrators, employers, colleagues, and staff
  4. Increasing computerization of practice (EHR's)
  5. Insufficient compensation or reimbursement.

Now, one could argue that each of these burnout reasons is interconnected and tie to an overall lack of physician resources to “get it all done.” For example, if there are too many bureaucratic tasks to perform (number one on the list), then that naturally leads to spending too many hours at work (number two on the list). And increasing computerization of a practice is in and of itself an additional bureaucratic task, all of which can lead to an income that is not perceived as high enough, and finally, to feeling just like a cog in a wheel. It’s all related and a vicious cycle.

We’ve got the bad news. Diagnosis: Burnout. The good news is this: it’s curable. So what’s the treatment? The answer to that question, while simple, is difficult for many a practice to implement – HELP.

Whether you are a solo practitioner responsible for all of the administrative functions of your practice on top of the patient care, or you’re a practice with an administrator who’s also treading water, there is no shame in getting outside perspective and assistance in an effort to help right the ship.

Physician resources are available in a variety of ways to help the newest to the most established practices get back to doing what they really love – taking care of people.  We make it easier for physicians to focus on taking care of their patients while simultaneously maximizing their financial health, which not surprisingly leads to improving their mental health as well. When you’re not worried about how you’re going to keep the lights on in the office, there are a number of anti-burnout benefits.

At Zymeda, we focus on providing physician resources designed to build a strong revenue cycle strategy for your practice. You see, a strong revenue cycle is critical for successful and sustainable profitability. With payors increasingly more stringent in their requirements of providers, even the most experienced billing personal can become overwhelmed and payments can be delayed. The critical time consumed by trying to figure out these issues directly impacts the patient care and customer service you’re able to provide. It’s a vicious cycle. But we have proven resources for physicians that are effective and affordable to stop the cycle once and for all:

  • Practice Performance and Financial Analysis
  • Billing and Claims Administration
  • Contract Evaluation
  • Reporting & Benchmarking Performance
  • Perfecting Customer Service
  • Practice Administration
  • Physician Recruitment and Onboarding

Zymeda can help you banish the burnout and stop feeling like just a cog in a wheel – NOW. You worked too hard to get here, don’t let it go over bureaucratic headaches. Give us a call today: (951) 656-1500.

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