Looking Ahead: Healthcare 2022

January 6, 2022

Looking Ahead: Healthcare 2022

This past year has stressed the healthcare industry like never before. Pandemic issues and economic woes challenged every aspect in healthcare. One of the biggest impacts this past year was the number of physicians leaving healthcare due to burnout. It seems job satisfaction in healthcare has become a big concern, and understandably so. Over 40% of physicians have stated they are dissatisfied with their jobs, feeling more like employees than leaders in the community. This impacts the bottom line but more importantly has a trickle down effect on patient care.

At Zymeda, we have recognized the epidemic of physician burnout for many years, says CEO Helene Beilman-Werner. The stress of practicing has affected many of our clients, as well as our close friends, and our hope is to bring awareness to the challenges affecting those in the healthcare industry. We can no longer look the other way. It's time to take a top to bottom look at how we as an industry can provide support, understanding, and care for those who provide care to others.

We know burnout is bad as seen by increased alcohol abuse, drug misuse, and higher suicide rates. Burnout is also bad for patients due to lower quality of care, decreased patient satisfaction, and higher increased chances of medical errors.

Where To Start?

To make improvements, the healthcare system must look at the resources which are lacking, and which are contributing the most physician burnout. It's time to make a commitment to banishing physician burnout and making it a thing of the past. We should look at things like time management, better use of technology, and managing regulations to better understand and eliminate those challenges that physicians face.

Making Work/Life Balance Better

Is the definition of work life balance just hypothetical? “No” says Helene Beilman Werner, “we see that those physicians who have adopted and managed their work and outside work activities have benefited the most”.

Below are three ingredients to managing work-life balance:

Know Your Purpose: Knowing your purpose in life helps you live life freely with integrity. People who know their purpose in life know who they are, what they are, and why they are. When you take pleasure in living a purpose-driven life, you become better at tackling every situation in a creative way. Don’t put off understanding your purpose. Make it a priority, and find your happy place.

Manage Your Time:  Set your priorities first. This first tip is the foundation of good time management. Select the top two or three tasks that you should complete at the start of each day and go from there. Once completed, any additional tasks you knock out afterwards is the icing on the cake. The key to starting out each day is proper preparation beforehand. Get plenty of rest and relaxation the evening before. Take a moment to reflect on your day and what you accomplished and what may need more priority in the future. By using your time wisely, you free your mind from clutter and will find more happiness to take on each day.

Push the Reset Button: Occasionally you might need to do a reset. Pushing the reset button is a chance to recharge your mental and physical health. Simple things like turning off the news and staying away from social media can do your body and mind some good. Find outlets like working out at the gum or participating in cultural events can help you stay focused and relaxed. Take time to eat a healthy and proper diet. It’s easy to talk to patients about this however we forgot to follow our own medical advice at times. Learn to prepare meals rather than eating out. Cooking can be a simple way to detach yourself from stressful thinking and it provides positive reinforcement. Still want to make it a little bit fun: Don’t forget to clean up your mess. No one wants to wake up to dirty dishes.

Make 2022 about you and your health. Start today, make small strides, and in just a few months you will find yourself happier, healthier, and ready for anything that comes your way.

If you or a colleague are feeling the pressure at work, maybe we can help. Ask us!! 

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